Methods and technologies

How to choose furniture for the dining room ?
The dining room in the traditional sense is a room for ceremonial dinners of a large family and treats for guests. Long ago, in wealthy homes, the places where food…

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Historical styles in interior design
Historical styles include: Empire, avant-garde, Renaissance, eclecticism, Rococo, Gothic, Victorian, and other styles. They were formed after a certain period of time. Interior design in the Empire style will always…

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Examples of furniture accessories for commercial equipment
Commercial equipment, which includes glass Windows and counters, racks, storage cabinets, reception, cash registers, various island structures, is also Cabinet furniture. The only difference is that furniture trading equipment has…

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How to choose furniture according to your temperament?

Choosing home furniture (bedrooms, kitchens, wardrobes, walk-in closets, hallways, children’s rooms, etc.), most often, we are guided by quality, functionality, convenience, finishing material and price. But when it comes to choosing the color of the chipboard or MDF model you like, we begin to have doubts. And, it seems that we are perfectly aware of the color that will fit the main color scheme of the interior of the room, and realize that we really like it, but at the sight of a lot of different shades, we start to get nervous, and finally get confused. Continue reading

Production technologies for different types of upholstered furniture

The most popular type of this product is a sofa. There is a special transforming mechanism that turns it into a bed.

All sofas have a common component structure:

Frame. This is the main structural element that performs the main strength functions. All other parts of upholstered furniture are attached to it. In its manufacture, manufacturers use various materials: metal, chipboard, fiberboard, cardboard or wood. Continue reading

Methods and technologies for restoring old furniture

There are many ways to restore old sofas or cabinets that can breathe new life into them. But you need to do this only with furniture that serves reliably for many years and is made by real professionals.

This is mostly true of old furniture models. After all, you will agree that Chinese products made of MDF or fiberboard are unlikely to fall under this concept. Its the only way is recycling.

The main technology in the restoration of furniture is not difficult painting work, but an interesting and easy way to give the product a better look. Continue reading

Features of luxury furniture

A very important feature of elite furniture is its attractiveness, which will allow you to get more impressions of the overall design of the room. To achieve this effect, many manufacturers of refined household items create products whose style fully meets the beautiful appearance.

Exclusive design. To get the right style, a lot of experienced specialists work, who clearly fulfill customers ‘ orders. Implementation of individual orders is not cheap, but thanks to this you can get a lot of exclusive and chic furniture models. Continue reading

Modern furniture industry in Russia

The modern furniture industry in Russia is characterized by high competition. After all, all well-known companies in the Russian market are forced to compete not only with European brands, but also with shadow producers. The industry itself belongs to the forest industry of the country.

At the present time, the existing furniture market has not yet fully formed. The determination of its capacity is estimated. This is due to the fact that Russia has a significant shadow market for the production of furniture, which is not calculated by official statistics. Continue reading

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Methods and technologies for restoring old furniture
There are many ways to restore old sofas or cabinets that can breathe new life into them. But you need to do this only with furniture that serves reliably for…


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