How to choose furniture according to your temperament?
Choosing home furniture (bedrooms, kitchens, wardrobes, walk-in closets, hallways, children's rooms, etc.), most often, we are guided by quality, functionality, convenience, finishing material and price. But when it comes to…

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Types of furniture accessories
Mounting accessories-rollers, hinges, shelf holders; Individual parts of products – legs, handles, supports, pipes; Functional details (baskets, hooks, hangers, baseboards). For each piece of furniture, different types of accessories are…

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What materials are used for upholstered furniture?
Any upholstered furniture consists of the following main parts and materials used in its manufacture: frame; spring block; lining and cover fabric; flooring coating; soft element; the "trap" required for…

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Mandatory set of equipment for furniture production

It should be noted that the set of machines and tools necessary for the organization of production of interior items directly depends on what kind of furniture you plan to make and from what materials.

Today, there are two main areas of work — the production of chipboards with various coatings, including laminated, and work with natural wood.

Despite the fact that production operations are similar in both cases, they technically have many differences. Let’s look at both options. Continue reading

Metal furniture production market in Russia

Production of metal furniture in Russia is increasing every year. This type of furniture managed to win over its audience of spoiled modern consumers.

Do you need industrial furniture for a manufacturing company?

Do you want to create a functional environment for a warehouse or office?

The optimal solution will be the purchase of metal furniture of various modifications: cabinets, racks, tables, cabinets, and more. Production of metal furniture in Russia is able to guarantee high-quality performance of products, their functionality, aesthetics, durability and reliability. Continue reading

Types of furniture machines

This is a whole range of equipment, which includes the following types of machines:

painting chamber;
CNC milling machines;
packing equipment;
machines for processing veneer;
And this is not the whole list. There are a huge number of variations of furniture machines: semi-automatic, mechanical, automatic, programmable, etc. Continue reading

Apartment interior design
For the age-old fans of comfort and coziness, the issue of home improvement will always be in the first place. Own apartment is a Paradise, a place of rest and…


Modern equipment for the production of upholstered furniture
Modern high-precision equipment for the production of upholstered furniture is the key to the success of any company working in this field. And it is not so important whether it…


Production technologies for different types of upholstered furniture
The most popular type of this product is a sofa. There is a special transforming mechanism that turns it into a bed. All sofas have a common component structure: Frame.…


Features of oak furniture
Features of oak material are comfort, beauty, attractiveness, practicality, functionality. Household items made of oak are not harmful to human health, since it is completely environmental material, the production of…