Methods and technologies

Fabric care.
Attention!: there is no fabric or removable cover that can be washed! It is forbidden to washing in automatic washing machines and cars. It is forbidden to dry using a…

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Business plan of a furniture store with calculations
To open a furniture store and draw up a business plan, you need to decide on the format of the future trading place. There are several options for the organization…

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Mandatory set of equipment for furniture production
It should be noted that the set of machines and tools necessary for the organization of production of interior items directly depends on what kind of furniture you plan to…

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Wardrobe: basic concepts.

In our country, the wardrobe is not so much a tribute to fashion as a new tool in the historical struggle for square meters. Do you have low ceilings, a column acts as a “navel” in the middle of the corridor, the room is disfigured by a stupid niche, which will not fit any ready-made furniture, and the wardrobe with the sideboard is littered with dusty suitcases? Then this article will be useful to you.

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How to choose the right kitchen?

The kitchen is traditionally the most important space in the house. In our kitchen, we are used not only to eat, but also to chat with friends, raise children, arrange “family councils” and spontaneous gatherings. Kitchen-the epicenter of family life and at the same time “women’s office”, so it is important that it was not just beautiful, but also as convenient as possible. After all, even in a 6-meter kitchen, you can organize your space so that you can, if not dance, then at least not jostle at the dining table. However, to do this, you need to be able to choose a kitchen set – which is not so easy with the current variety of offers. Continue reading

Bedroom-useful advice.

The bedroom is a “sacred” place in the apartment where outsiders are not allowed to go. You can learn a lot about a person from the setting of this room. There he throws off all the masks, all the worries of the day. There he can be himself, as he was born, open and defenseless. Therefore, the bedroom should be such that a person forgets about the outside world in it, calms down and relaxes. And even in an apartment furnished in the high-tech style, this room can be warm, calm and not at all modern. There is no need to maintain the General style of the house and in this room, because you are still unlikely to lead guests there. Continue reading

Secrets of design art.

Learn how to design your home as well as a professional, using the furniture you already have. You can create a fashionable bright interior, as well as a warm and pleasant atmosphere, using the secrets of design art presented below. Traditionally, designers begin repairs with the fact that they are determined with the choice of design style. The most popular styles are: classic, modern and country style. There are also geographical themes, such as Scandinavian, Eastern, and Mediterranean, as well as styles that recreate the image of the era, such as the Victorian style or the art Deco style. Continue reading

Fabric care.

Attention!: there is no fabric or removable cover that can be washed!
It is forbidden to washing in automatic washing machines and cars.
It is forbidden to dry using a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, etc.

The removal of dirt.
The methods below will help remove dirt from the fabric:
knocking out (this method is suitable for homespun-coarse fabrics) Continue reading

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Manufacturing of furniture facades on machines
Facades are made of both natural solid wood and pressed sawdust. At the present time, the furniture whose facades are made of MDF is very popular. MDF has the following…


Manufacturer of film facades from MDF
MDF panels in PVC film are produced using innovative technologies. Production is carried out on the basis of wood-fiber Board, which has an average density. According to their characteristics, these…


Types of furniture machines
This is a whole range of equipment, which includes the following types of machines: cutting; blade; drilling; painting chamber; CNC milling machines; packing equipment; machines for processing veneer; banding. And…


Automation of furniture production
This process includes a chain consisting of several stages: sketch; design; equipment preparation; creating blanks; nesting; assembly; delivery; implementation. Automation programs for furniture production It is necessary to take into…