Methods and technologies

Production of modern furniture products by furniture factories in Russia
Furniture factories in Russia do not seem to hear their customers and are not very eager to satisfy all their tastes and needs, which may seem at first glance. But…

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Features of supply logistics for the furniture business
Types of logistics: transport logistics; procurement; administrative; marketable warehouse; complex; informational; inventory logistics. Challenges of modern logistics: selecting the type and typification of vehicles; create plans transportation routes with the…

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Color combination.
Color plays a significant role in the decoration of an apartment, in solving the artistic appearance of each item, in combining various items of furniture into one harmonious whole. Color…

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Features of Belarusian furniture

The main markets for this furniture are not only Russia and the CIS countries, but also the European Union. It is very popular due to its reliability, comfort, and thoughtful cozy design.

Among other manufacturers Belarusian furniture stands out due to:

High-tech production and professionalism of employees, which allows us to produce modern furniture of any shape and size. Models can also be made to order, in order to satisfy any of the most demanding customers. Continue reading

Advantages of frameless furniture

Often such furniture is made in the form of a ball or a pear. Its base is a sealed bag filled with polystyrene balls.

Less often, fluff is used as a filler. This creates a fluid effect, which ensures the comfort of using frameless furniture.

It should be noted that this design allows you to distribute the body weight evenly. This allows you to remove the load from the spine and relax your back. The effect can be felt after 10 minutes of sitting on such furniture. Continue reading

Mandatory set of equipment for furniture production

It should be noted that the set of machines and tools necessary for the organization of production of interior items directly depends on what kind of furniture you plan to make and from what materials.

Today, there are two main areas of work — the production of chipboards with various coatings, including laminated, and work with natural wood.

Despite the fact that production operations are similar in both cases, they technically have many differences. Let’s look at both options. Continue reading

Variety of equipment for the furniture shop

In the production of furniture products, much depends on the chosen direction. In order for your furniture production to be able to produce competitive products, you should choose the right equipment and tools to perform all the technological operations of the production process.

Well-chosen machines are a guarantee of stable processing quality with minimal production costs.

In most cases, you will need the following equipment for the furniture shop for normal furniture manufacturing: Continue reading

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Types of furniture accessories
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Modern equipment for the production of upholstered furniture
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