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How to choose kitchen furniture?

Gone are the days when the range of furniture stores killed the desires of Housewives on the vine – standard kitchen sets, standard sizes and a meager color range. Now your imagination is absolutely unlimited and, having made the decision to change the kitchen furniture, you just do not know where to start. This article is for you.

The kitchen has become more than a place for eating for modern people. The whole family gathers here, talks over a Cup of coffee or tea, and receives close friends. And if residents of Western countries need a kitchen for storing and quickly cooking semi-finished products, the Slavs do not want to give up real home-cooked food. Therefore, kitchen furniture assumes the presence of all kinds of household appliances and appliances that speed up and make the cooking process convenient.

We define our goals.
If you ask the hostess how she sees her kitchen, she will most likely answer: beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, manufacturers of kitchen furniture offer a wide range of products that can meet any needs. How do you know what kind of kitchen you need?

So, think about what you need furniture for in the kitchen. If only for beauty and you are not such a fan of cooking, your option is minimalism (few lockers, only for the most basic). If you are a business woman and try to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, try to carefully consider the placement of household appliances (more on this below) in order to save “every step”. If you have a large family, you need the most spacious and functional furniture.

What will the kitchen look like? Possible options are a Studio kitchen (combined with a living room, most often with a bar), a kitchen exclusively for cooking, and a kitchen-dining room. You may need to place additional appliances in the kitchen, such as a washing machine. Immediately think about what kind of kitchen appliances you need – built-in or regular.

Decide what color furniture you want. We recommend that you make repairs before changing the kitchen set. But first of all, you must imagine the color scheme of the entire room – whether it is in the same color or involves a combination of different shades. To do this, you can invite a professional designer (it is not cheap) or search the Internet or in design magazines for something similar to the kitchen of your dreams. And when you decide, keep in mind that the color (texture) of the Wallpaper, and the shade of tile in the work area (special wall panels), and the tone of the laminate, and even the curtain on the window (blinds, Roman blinds) should be in harmony with each other, create a single melody, and not crumble into notes. Ideally, you have defined your goals and desires, and now let’s go through the specifics.

The color and style.
Get ready for the fact that the variations and combinations of colors and styles will make your eyes run away. But we are not afraid of difficulties and choose slowly. Let’s start with styles:

Timeless and timeless classics. Furniture made of wood, heavy, carved, beautiful, as natural as possible. It goes without saying that not everyone can afford a tree. But if your kitchen has high ceilings and large Windows, then classic is your style. The calm and solid atmosphere of this kitchen will make it a favorite place in your apartment.

One of the most popular styles. The main thing in such a kitchen is convenience. All the details are thought out to the smallest detail, the mass of conveniently placed built-in appliances and the absolute absence of unnecessary details. Modern kitchens are not bright, they are open and bright. Sometimes it seems that in such a kitchen there are no corners, all of them are softly smoothed. Modern and not flashy, calm and functional interior.

Also popular style, we can say, “rural”. Everything here is natural: wooden facades, wicker furniture, bunches of onions and flowers in clay pots. You can save money and make furniture from MDF, which is cheaper than wood, but perfectly imitates it. Household appliances are hidden or decorated with brass (this is available for sale). The country style kitchen is cozy and simple by definition, but at the same time convenient and functional.

High tech.
The exact opposite of country. This is a style that is dominated by metal and glass. Chrome, painted facades and state – of-the-art equipment and accessories are the main things. Try not to clutter the space, “cute things”are strictly forbidden. It is beautiful and cozy, light and spacious.

Style is important, no doubt, but choosing it is only half the battle. A lot of things in the design of kitchen furniture – color plays. Blue color brings peace and freshness; green-calm and harmony; yellow and orange improve the mood and create a cozy atmosphere; red irritates, so it is not suitable for many, it is better to choose a Burgundy or pink color.
Color affects not only your mood, but also your natural desire to eat. For example, a bright blue color can suppress the appetite, while red, yellow and orange, on the contrary, increase it.

Kitchen of the same color loses in comparison with combinations of shades. For example, kitchen furniture looks very harmonious, in which a delicate green is adjacent to a soft yellow. This kitchen is cozy and uplifting. Any color combined with white increases the space and adds air to the room. So try experimenting with color combinations, sometimes the result can be a pleasant surprise.

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