Advantages of frameless furniture
Often such furniture is made in the form of a ball or a pear. Its base is a sealed bag filled with polystyrene balls. Less often, fluff is used as…

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The history of the technology of production of furniture Board
Furniture boards are used for making furniture from them, various building elements, as a decor. This is an environmentally safe and aesthetically attractive material, compared to its analog chipboard. The…

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What materials are used for upholstered furniture?
Any upholstered furniture consists of the following main parts and materials used in its manufacture: frame; spring block; lining and cover fabric; flooring coating; soft element; the "trap" required for…

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Modern equipment for the production of upholstered furniture

Modern high-precision equipment for the production of upholstered furniture is the key to the success of any company working in this field. And it is not so important whether it is a large serial production or a private entrepreneur who makes furniture to order.

The use of such equipment for the production of upholstered furniture allows:

produce upholstered furniture products of high quality and stable characteristics;

to achieve high performance properties and the corresponding comfort;

produce safe and environmentally friendly upholstered furniture;

work with different types of source materials.
Types of equipment for the production of upholstered furniture
Types of equipment for the production of upholstered furniture:

A mobile cutting machine with a vertical or circular knife, necessary for cutting the flooring.
Marking device.

Stationary belt equipment for precise cutting of parts.

Marking gun, which is used for numbering the cut.

Equipment for cutting sintepon.

Thread overlock.

Shuttle stitch needle machines for working with simple and heavy materials.

The clips for the fabric.
There are also other types of equipment for the production of upholstered furniture.

Vertical drilling and filling machines with CNC are designed for filling holes in panel parts of upholstered furniture in three planes at once. This equipment has the highest flexibility of the pass-through type and provides high-quality drilling of blind or through holes in the flow mode.

All processes can be controlled using the CNC, which allows processing of each individual workpiece without reconfiguring the parameters of the equipment. These features allow you to achieve maximum performance while maintaining high quality.

Woodworking equipment is intended for cutting wood slab materials with simultaneous addition of them. It provides high precision of product processing and allows performing the most complex technological operations. As a result, you get a high-quality part with smooth edges after the first cut.

Installation equipment for the production of upholstered furniture with the drilling option can simultaneously perform the installation of “T-nuts” and the drilling operation. This machine will allow you to reduce production processes and speed up the production of finished products.

The hydraulic press makes it possible to produce pressed panel products. The use of this equipment will allow your production to reduce the cost of manufacturing upholstered furniture, since in this case all the lumber will be used effectively. Products from such boards are obtained of excellent quality, as well as environmentally safe.

The technological process of manufacturing upholstered furniture also includes a drying stage for lumber and wood blanks. Special drying chambers are designed to perform such operations. The use of innovative technologies allows you to achieve maximum productivity, as well as maintain high quality products that meet all established technical standards and hygiene requirements.

Quilting machines, which are equipped with CNC, allow you to perform decorative types of stitches of furniture covers. All technological operations here are fully automated and performed using a computer. The use of such equipment allows you to get a beautiful appearance of the finished product, and also prevents stretching of the fabric itself during the operation of upholstered furniture.

Thanks to the use of automatic cutting systems with software control, it is possible to achieve a high degree of accuracy in cutting furniture fabrics and leather. And sewing machines and highly qualified specialists working behind them will allow you to achieve high results for your production of upholstered furniture.

The use of all of the above equipment in your production will allow you to produce upholstered furniture at the highest level, constantly update your product range and always remain competitive.

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