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Mandatory set of equipment for furniture production

It should be noted that the set of machines and tools necessary for the organization of production of interior items directly depends on what kind of furniture you plan to make and from what materials.

Today, there are two main areas of work — the production of chipboards with various coatings, including laminated, and work with natural wood.

Despite the fact that production operations are similar in both cases, they technically have many differences. Let’s look at both options.

Cabinet furniture made of chipboard is a cheaper analogue of traditional wooden furniture. In addition to the relatively low cost, it has a number of other advantages: lightness, resistance to the influence of the external environment, variability and maintainability.

What equipment for furniture production may be required in this case?

Format-cutting machine of industrial design, designed for long-term continuous operation. They differ not only in their “endurance”, but also in the ability to adjust the position of the saw depending on the specified cutting algorithm. Almost all are equipped with computer control, which minimizes the possibility of marriage.

A vertical band saw is necessary for manufacturing curved structural elements. Since we are talking about industrial production volumes. You should choose machines with the maximum cutting depth. They can be used to produce elements not one by one, but in a package at once.

Edging machine is another important item in the list of equipment for furniture production. Since the chipboard has a fairly rough cut, due to the internal structure of the plate, it needs processing and protection from chips. The principle of its operation is very simple-melamine or PVC edge is glued to the cut, ensuring its integrity, and also carefully cuts the tape material.

Drilling-filler machine will allow you to quickly and accurately drill holes in the plate under shkanty and accessories. This is a very important part of production, since the plate is a rather fragile material, and a roughly drilled hole can be painted, and the parts can be loosened.

Finally, a copy-milling machine that precisely makes grooves and panels inside the contour. It is also intended for production of figured details and complex forms of decorative finishing of furniture facades.
Equipment for the production of solid wood Cabinet furniture
Production of solid wood furniture, of course, will require the use of some machines that are already known to us, such as format-cutting or milling.

In this case, you will need other equipment for the production of furniture:

Jointing machine or complex installation with a planing width of at least 400 mm. These parameters are typical for professional machines.

A cross-cutting machine that helps to perform cross-cutting and remove all defects of natural wood before the start of the final cutting of individual parts.

A lathe that allows you to diversify the decoration of furniture with metal elements-supports, author’s accessories or decor.

Grinding machine. Since we are talking about natural wood, polishing the surface is simply necessary. It is worth giving preference to the combined unit, which with the same accuracy grinds not only the plane, but also the relief details.
Of course, the production of furniture is not limited to the production of Cabinet options. To make soft kits, you will need equipment specifically designed for working with textile materials.

In addition, you should buy furniture staplers for covering the bulk parts, and screwdrivers and drilling equipment for assembling the frame.

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