Features of oak furniture
Features of oak material are comfort, beauty, attractiveness, practicality, functionality. Household items made of oak are not harmful to human health, since it is completely environmental material, the production of…

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Bedroom-useful advice.
The bedroom is a "sacred" place in the apartment where outsiders are not allowed to go. You can learn a lot about a person from the setting of this room.…

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A little about materials.
Currently, the production of kitchen furniture uses a wide range of materials - from wood to stone, from glass to chrome. All have different purposes and different wear resistance. Let's…

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Advantages of frameless furniture

Often such furniture is made in the form of a ball or a pear. Its base is a sealed bag filled with polystyrene balls.

Less often, fluff is used as a filler. This creates a fluid effect, which ensures the comfort of using frameless furniture.

It should be noted that this design allows you to distribute the body weight evenly. This allows you to remove the load from the spine and relax your back. The effect can be felt after 10 minutes of sitting on such furniture.

It also creates a feeling of warmth, which adds comfort. This is achieved due to the low coefficient of thermal conductivity of the filler.

In addition, frameless furniture has a number of advantages:

lightness and softness;


strength and reliability;

easy care;

ecological compatibility.
It should be noted that such furniture is silent. It doesn’t have springs or a metal frame that can creak or make other unpleasant sounds. These products are ideal for children’s and play rooms, as they are absolutely safe. They have no corners and nothing to get hurt, so you can safely play and jump.

Durability is another important characteristic of frameless furniture. Despite its apparent unreliability, the materials it is made of are extremely durable.

These products last much longer than usual. They are easy to clean, can even be washed, so they do not accumulate dust and any stains are easily removed. This is especially true for children’s furniture, since you never know what they can shed.

Even a felt-tip pen or paint can be easily washed away, leaving no trace of the kids ‘ pranks. Due to its light weight, such furniture can be easily moved to another place or hung to dry.

Frameless furniture allows its owners to relax comfortably, no matter where you are. It can be easily taken to the country. This furniture is actively used for decoration of recreation areas. It is often seen in the game rooms of shopping centers, cinemas, schools and gardens-wherever you can sit down for a while to relax and unwind.

Features and examples of frameless furniture at the exhibition
The Mebel exhibition is the largest industry event that highlights market trends and provides an opportunity for manufacturers to present their new products and attract attention to their company.

This event covers all areas of activity and furniture of various classes and costs. It presents all its varieties from domestic and foreign companies.

The Expocentre exhibition complex provides an excellent venue for such events, as it has modern equipment and convenient location. Near the center there is a convenient transport interchange, large hotel and shopping centers.

Expocentre pays special attention to ensuring high-quality, efficient and comfortable events.

Comfortable frameless furniture will also be presented at this event, as it is widely known and is very popular in the market. It has a number of advantages, but the main thing is comfort. It is thanks to him that these interior items always get good customer reviews.

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Bedroom-useful advice.
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