Furniture accessories for cabinets
A wardrobe is one of the most common pieces of furniture found in modern interiors of various rooms. They can be found in the hallway, living room, children's room and…

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Furniture industry
Companies in the furniture industry are engaged in manufacturing Cabinet and upholstered furniture, as well as related products, which include blinds, mattresses, various fasteners, and more. The furniture industry includes…

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The history of the technology of production of furniture Board
Furniture boards are used for making furniture from them, various building elements, as a decor. This is an environmentally safe and aesthetically attractive material, compared to its analog chipboard. The…

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Manufacturing of furniture facades on machines

Facades are made of both natural solid wood and pressed sawdust.

At the present time, the furniture whose facades are made of MDF is very popular.

MDF has the following features:

a softness that makes it fairly easy to handle;

the absence of a directional structure, which in turn minimizes the amount of waste;

the ability to create a variety of patterns on the surface of MDF.
Furniture facades are widely used as kitchen doors, bar counters, countertops, front parts of bedroom sets, doors for office furniture, etc.

Modern machines for furniture facades
Production of furniture facades begins with the cutting of the slab itself. Then the selected drawing is applied to the workpiece plane, and then grinding is performed.

Modern machines for furniture facades make it possible to produce profiles of any level of complexity. The surface is cleaned of dust and other debris and covered with an adhesive layer.

With the help of special equipment, it is possible to achieve a uniform heating of the plate itself. In the clamping zone, the facade itself is glued.

The demand for machines for furniture facades has only been growing recently. This applies not only to equipment for making furniture facades, but also to curved facades.

A vacuum press is a machine for furniture facades that performs hot lamination of the MDF blank. But this workpiece is pre-processed on special equipment-a milling machine.

Then a special vacuum PVC film is applied to the workpiece by vacuum pressing. These machines allow you to make small blanks for special curved-concave facades.

CNC milling machines are currently in great demand, as they have found their application in those areas of industry where it is necessary to process wood, MDF, plexiglass and other composite materials.

Milling and engraving machines are most often equipped with a ball screw moving system. Thanks to the large working field and the spindle power of 2.2 W, these machines for furniture facades are the most optimal solution for any tasks of CNC processing, cutting of sheet plastic, chipboard, MDF, processing of various wooden panels, etc.

For high-quality cutting of finished products, modern high-precision format-cutting machines are used. If it is necessary to perform profile milling, then milling machines are used for this purpose.

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Furniture accessories for cabinets
A wardrobe is one of the most common pieces of furniture found in modern interiors of various rooms. They can be found in the hallway, living room, children's room and…


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