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The history of the technology of production of furniture Board
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Fabric care.
Attention!: there is no fabric or removable cover that can be washed! It is forbidden to washing in automatic washing machines and cars. It is forbidden to dry using a…

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Modern furniture industry in Russia

The modern furniture industry in Russia is characterized by high competition. After all, all well-known companies in the Russian market are forced to compete not only with European brands, but also with shadow producers. The industry itself belongs to the forest industry of the country.

At the present time, the existing furniture market has not yet fully formed. The determination of its capacity is estimated. This is due to the fact that Russia has a significant shadow market for the production of furniture, which is not calculated by official statistics.

As a result of market reforms, the Russian furniture industry has not lost its production potential, as well as highly qualified specialists. This allows you to constantly expand the range, improve designs, apply innovative technologies and high-quality materials.

The Russian furniture industry is one of the few high-tech sectors of the national economy that managed to successfully overcome the transition period of the 1990 crisis. Between 2000 and 2004, output doubled, and in subsequent years, it increased by 20 percent each year.

However, the decrease in demand for furniture in 2009 also led to a decrease in production volumes. To solve this problem, companies operating in the furniture market increased their product range. This helped to increase the volume of furniture sold and minimize business risks.

The furniture industry in Russia is one of the most competitive industries. Both large and small companies are represented and operate here. About six thousand manufacturers are engaged in the production of furniture.

Furniture products are manufactured in 79 regions of the Russian Federation in seven Federal districts. More than six percent of all employees here are employed by medium and large enterprises, which produce about 80 % of all furniture in Russia.

Almost half of all organizations that work in this industry have their own production bases. It is precisely those firms that are able to control not only the production of furniture, but also its sales that manage to take a leading position in the market.

Large companies constantly produce new models of Cabinet furniture, taking into account consumer demand and financial capabilities of all potential buyers.

Innovative technologies, production modernization, use of new high-quality materials, as well as effective methods of work do not ignore this industry.

Importers consider the Russian furniture market as promising and expand its previously developed segments. They work successfully and flexibly.

The furniture industry of Russia to the WTO
What are the advantages for the Russian furniture industry from its membership in the WTO?

Activation of import deliveries.

Large Russian companies will be able to enter international markets on favorable terms.

Increasing the participation of domestic companies in various exhibitions, conferences and specialized events.

Manufacturers of furniture on the domestic market began not only to improve the quality of their products, but also their marketing policy.

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