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Methods and technologies for restoring old furniture

There are many ways to restore old sofas or cabinets that can breathe new life into them. But you need to do this only with furniture that serves reliably for many years and is made by real professionals.

This is mostly true of old furniture models. After all, you will agree that Chinese products made of MDF or fiberboard are unlikely to fall under this concept. Its the only way is recycling.

The main technology in the restoration of furniture is not difficult painting work, but an interesting and easy way to give the product a better look.

Old furniture that had a piece of soul embedded in it during its manufacture should not be sent to the landfill! Such things can become an elegant decoration of any home.

Properly restored wooden furniture can become the main part of your interior, as well as inspire you to create interesting design ideas, from classics to Provence.

How does wood furniture restoration work?
At home, you can restore even the largest wooden furniture yourself. To do this, you do not need to have special materials and equipment at hand. This alteration will cost quite inexpensive.

Old furniture made of plywood or solid wood is much stronger than modern furniture. In this regard, instead of buying new furniture, you can easily restore the old one. For example, take a dresser.

The technology of furniture restoration in this case is quite simple. The first step is to get rid of the layer of old varnish or paint. This can be done using sandpaper or a chisel. After that, the surface should be primed.

Then it should be painted sequentially with three layers of acrylic water paint. If necessary, you can replace the old handles and legs with new ones. The inner surface of the cabinets can be lubricated with paraffin for better opening.

It is very easy to deal with deep scratches and cracks using furniture wax. On top of it, you can paint over with colored varnish or enamel.

Chipped and deep holes are closed with wood putty. This product must be applied in layers, allowing each to dry. Then the surface is treated with sandpaper and varnished.

Also, the restoration of the old chest of drawers will help to perform a fairly well – known technology of furniture restoration-decoupage.

It is carried out quickly, cheaply and without significant time and effort.

The step-by-step technology of restoration of old furniture consists of the following consecutive stages:

Removing old hinges, handles, and various fasteners.

Removing old paint.





Painting (optional).

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Methods and technologies for restoring old furniture
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