Manufacturing of furniture facades on machines
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How to choose furniture for a hotel?
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Wardrobe: basic concepts.
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The role of designer furniture in creating an interior

Today, the choice of unusual and bright furniture is very extensive. Many companies and shopping centers offer their customers to buy designer furniture that can make the interior more bright, place accents. These products have a number of necessary characteristics and in addition to a bright appearance, they are characterized by comfort and high quality.

Modern materials, unusual colors and their combinations are used for making such items.

Eye-catching design, the simple ensemble, the perfection of form – all this creates a bold, bright way, and invariably attracts the eye. Such furniture embodies a certain style, conveys an idea, an image that was put into the model by its Creator.

Well-chosen designer furniture will create a unique, individual and bright interior.

Precision of proportions and conciseness of forms-that’s what these products contain. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also provide the performance of their functions, ease of use and comfort.

There is no consensus on designer furniture. Someone speaks in its favor, someone is against it, but the main thing is that everyone is discussing it. It is important to understand that each item is unique and represents the author’s development. It has a creative approach and vision of the master who developed the design. It is the individual character of each product that is the highlight that makes you pay attention to it over and over again.

To create such furniture, we use only high-quality materials and modern technologies that allow us to implement the creative solutions that the designers have invested in a particular item.

It should be noted that such products are produced in small quantities, and sometimes in a single copy, so the buyer, purchasing them, can be sure that they will not find the same anywhere.

Designer furniture at an industry exhibition
Every autumn, furniture industry experts gather for the largest event that highlights all the new products in the industry, determines the vector of its development and allows you to evaluate trends in the market.

For manufacturers, participation in the upcoming Mebel event, which, as before, will be held at Expocentre Fairgrounds, is an opportunity to implement marketing tasks:

to introduce new models of furniture;

attract the attention of the target group to the product range and brand as a whole;

establish business contacts, find partners and sponsors;

sign new contracts, sign contracts;

improve the company’s image and brand awareness.
For specialists, a visit to the Mebel exhibition is also an important event and allows them to get acquainted with new products in the industry, exchange experience and ideas. This will increase their professional level and acquire new skills. In addition, this event is a great opportunity to study new trends, their relevance and features of practical application.

The exhibition “furniture” will also help you understand the issues of using designer furniture in your work, as it will present the latest developments of recognized industry experts and new masters who have yet to make themselves known.

Designer furniture is a separate topic that is actively discussed and covered at the exhibition at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Designer furniture always attracts the attention of most visitors, as it differs significantly and stands out from the standard products. Custom-made designer furniture is not only functional and comfortable, but also brings aesthetic pleasure to its owners, which plays an important role in choosing interior items.

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Features of Belarusian furniture
The main markets for this furniture are not only Russia and the CIS countries, but also the European Union. It is very popular due to its reliability, comfort, and thoughtful…


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