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Historical styles in interior design

Historical styles include: Empire, avant-garde, Renaissance, eclecticism, Rococo, Gothic, Victorian, and other styles. They were formed after a certain period of time.

Interior design in the Empire style will always be relevant and in demand. It is very easy to distinguish it from others. It is a style of refined taste and luxury, and most European castles are built in it.

The abundant use of decor, gilding, stucco and “heavy” lush chandeliers is characteristic.

The furniture is made of mahogany and has curved legs and armrests.

Rococo interior design is filled with tenderness and a refined sense of proportion. It is characterized by the use of white, blue, pale green and, of course, gold colors. An abundance of stucco, gilded ornaments, carved panels and mirrors will give the house sophistication and refinement.

Ethnic styles in interior design
Ethnic styles are those that were formed in a particular area and are characteristic of the area.

For example: Chinese, Moroccan, English, Eastern, European, Indian, Egyptian, and others. To complete the interior design, various types of decor are used that are associated with a particular country and territory.

The Chinese style will be complemented by porcelain figurines, fans, lanterns, ikebanas, and paintings depicting the country’s famous landscapes.

Very often confused with the true English style, with wedgewood. The first interior design involves the abundant use of large solid carpets, fireplaces, dark wooden furniture.

The walls are upholstered with a rich colored fabric, creating comfort and comfort. The Wedgwood style is characterized by two main colors: white and blue. Their combination gives a feeling of lightness and lightness.

Interior design in this style will look very good in small rooms, which will help visually make them larger.

Modern features of styles in interior design
Modern interior solutions impress with their variety and richness of choice. Each of them conveys the spirit of modernity, while using a variety of tools and methods.

The most common: techno, modern, high-tech, postmodernism, loft, kitsch, minimalism, eco, Bungalow, grunge.

Interior design in the high-tech style involves the use of the latest technologies for everyday life. It is rich in various decorative elements made of plastic, metal, and glass.

Eco style is characterized by the use of natural materials such as clay, stone, glass, and wood. White, brown, green, and yellow are predominant in the color scheme.

Interior design from furniture companies
To date, the furniture company understands interior design as an architectural and artistic design of internal premises in the building, which can provide harmonious aesthetic conditions for human activity in its space.

Interior design is a comprehensive set of architectural, artistic and pragmatic ideas and solutions aimed at improving the quality of living conditions.

The interior of the premises always consists of three components:

Building construction box. It includes the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Subject components: furniture sets and appliances.

Step-by-step processes that are designed to complement and create a sensual and psychologically positive atmosphere in the room.
Modern production facilities produce an extensive range of interior materials in the most popular styles and made from any raw material:

leather material
natural and synthetic stone
natural wood and its substitutes;
glass and ceramics;
glass ceramics;
The pace of development of modern technologies in the furniture business and among finishing materials favors the appearance of new types and categories on the market. Today, there is a huge range of finishes for all interiors.

The choice of finishing material often depends on the size and layout of the room, as well as on the design decision concerning the design itself. Therefore, it can be not only standard types of wood, but also heavy-duty plastics, fiber or synthetic wood or even stone.

Subtleties of styles and interior design of various rooms from furniture companies
Bathroom interior design most often uses glass photoplay, ceramic tiles and glass mosaic, because these materials have the entire set of characteristics for this room: high strength and water resistance.

As a rule, they are similar in structure in relation to each other, but from the point of view of the implementation of the design idea and design are radically different.

For example, a mosaic is a small cube of various shapes and colors, which produce a variety of mixes, but most often it is used for laying out Grand wall mosaic panels.

It is worth noting that glass mosaic and ceramic tiles are very attractive combination with each other and with the right combination of these two elements, the interior of the bathroom can be made unique in its kind.

To improve the chosen style and create the necessary atmosphere, experts widely use materials of light and dark colors-natural wood, stone and marble.

Styles and types of interior design:

English style implies small rooms with narrow high Windows. In these rooms, everything must match the size of the people living here, from the selected furniture to the figurines on the shelf. The interior design of the living room reminds you not to overdo it with accessories and the number of items. Furniture that fully corresponds to the English style should be as soft as possible with lush rounded shapes. The room should also have coffee tables and floor lamps with soft yellow light. Therefore, it is worth noting that the English style is quite old-fashioned and will not suit everyone.

American modern style in interior design includes the entire palette of different cultures of the world. Therefore, American trends in the process of historical formation have undergone a lot of different national influences. Today’s American apartment interior design is a large amount of free space, where it will be enough to put a large sofa and an oak dining table for 12 people. As a rule, in such an interior, the walls can be painted in 2 colors, and the Windows must have roller blinds.

The interior design of the house is in the African style with pronounced shaman masks, wooden and bronze sculptures of various gods, pottery and wooden furniture, the color of which should be bright and raw. Today, the African style is a rarity.

Arts and crafts. A kind of English style, which is characterized by man-made products. Furniture that represents this direction is usually dark in color, solid, oak and clear lines. Textiles, leather, and some types of metal are used for decorating rooms. The dark colors of the furniture are very well diluted with classic chandeliers, as well as lamps made of rainbow glass by Tiffany master.

The Indian style is pronounced with carved columns, niches, and patterned arches. Indian furniture is pretentious and functional at the same time. Bright representatives: roomy chests, carved cabinets with lattice doors, as well as embossed tables and screens. And the main feature of this interior is Indian colorful fabrics and carpets.

Loft. In essence, this is not a style, but decorated and equipped for modern housing former large factory and industrial premises. Loft buildings are usually suitable for any modern interior design of a Studio apartment.

Minimalism. It is a modern interior design, which is dominated by light colors and almost no furniture. Therefore, when organizing a room in this style, it is necessary to take a separate room for the wardrobe and other signs of life in advance.

Provence, as the interior design of a country house. This style looks good in a country house, because it needs a large space and roughly plastered walls. In addition, the furniture should be as shabby as possible, and the colors faded. That is, the main mood of this style is low – key.

Japanese and pseudo-Chinese directions. A space that is designed in this style requires strict adherence to the chosen culture, and does not tolerate excesses.

Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles. Their feature is the presence of a nearby pond, pool or garden. Interior spaces are decorated with marble, furniture should only be wooden, and the floors are painted with dark paint.
Therefore, most of these styles are reflected in the design of modern premises.

But the interior design of the bedroom is developed based on what kind of person is in itself, because this room is his personal territory, unlike other rooms that are created for other residents of the house and guests. Therefore, interior design studios emphasize that the bedroom is a place to restore the strength of its owner.

A full-fledged rest is possible only in a bedroom where the interior has the maximum compliance with the psychological state of the person.

If the feeling of peace is important for him in the interior, then the best approach is Scandinavian, Mediterranean or country style. As a rule, it is best to create a bedroom in a standard of minimalism.

The same situation exists in respect of the hallways. Everyone knows that the theater begins with a hanger and the interior design of the hallway is no exception, because the first impression of the house is formed thanks to the hallway and sets the tone for the rest of the design of the house.

Principles of design solutions for hallways:

neutral color scheme of light shades;

availability of architectural details;

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