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Apartment interior design

For the age-old fans of comfort and coziness, the issue of home improvement will always be in the first place. Own apartment is a Paradise, a place of rest and peace, communication with loved ones after a hard day’s work.

The interior is an organized internal filling of the dwelling with all the necessary goods for optimal life support.

To completely meet this need, you must carefully consider all the components of the future home: furniture, equipment, additional structures, etc. also, an important element is the question of utility (the location of the bathroom, holding water and gas in the apartment).

Basics of apartment interior design
The interior design of the apartment takes into account the characteristics and preferences of each family individually.

The dwelling should be made with the correct layout, selection of tones and shades for furniture.

The basis of the interior arrangement is:

organization of all types of lighting (natural, artificial);

zoning space;

rational and convenient arrangement of furniture.
Zoning is selected for people and depending on the type of their preferences. It is preferable that the members of the family will have a private room that is furnished according to their taste.

Zones are divided according to the principle of rest, food consumption, sleep, and working spaces. All of them differ in the arrangement of Windows and doors, shapes and dimensions.

The main tips include:

The eating area should be closer to the kitchen.

It is rational to arrange the sleeping area where the minimum noise will be received.

In the recreation area, the main items will be a TV, a sofa, and plantings.

The placement of doors and different divisions can be selected according to the taste of the owners.
Individual equipment is also used in the zoning process of the apartment. For example, racks, wardrobes, shelves, and others. Carpets, tapestries, flower pots, and an aquarium serve as additional decorations.

The main subtleties and nuances of apartment interior design
Furniture most clearly displays the inner world of its residents. A sufficient number of these elements in the house depends on its comfort and fullness.

There are three main groups of furniture:

working (writing and coffee tables);

for rest and sleep (chairs, bed, sofa, chair);

storage of household items (cabinets, lockers, shelves).
Apartment interior design is a kind of artistic work aimed at giving furniture items a favorable texture.

In the interior, it is also important to take into account small details: the choice of the appropriate color of Wallpaper, coating and whitewashing of walls, correct placement of furniture.

Creating a different design is inherent in creative and creative people. This activity is aimed at creating a positive atmosphere for residents, combining beauty and comfort in one set. This sphere does not tolerate excesses, unnecessary elements and tastelessness.

In the modern world, the interior design of an apartment in the Rococo style has become a trend. Distinctive features are a large number of small details and luxury.

Learn about the most interesting trends in the interior design of apartments and houses will have an opportunity at the annual exhibition “Furniture”.

Kitchen design
The kitchen is a very important and necessary room in any home, so you should pay special attention when choosing furniture and General interior.

A good hostess knows that this room must be not only beautifully executed, but also functional, in order to meet all the requirements of the household.

The design of the kitchen is chosen taking into account the overall style and interior of the house.

Before you start the repair, you need to plan the location of the furniture in detail and the overall picture of the entire room.

Kitchen design styles and trends
Kitchen design can be very different. Furniture in styles is in particular demand on the market:

high tech;
It is important that all the furniture was in the same style. This will help to create one overall holistic picture.

Kitchen design in a classic style is very popular with people with conservative views. This interior is characterized by a restrained color palette and clear geometric lines. The room is characterized by symmetry, which gives the illusion of additional space.

Kitchen furniture in classic style is mainly made from natural materials. You can add paintings, porcelain figurines, and decorative flowers to the interior.

Kitchen design in the high-tech style is in demand among most young people with progressive views who want to change. The interior of the building is characterized by its overly pretentious geometric shapes and bold colors.

The abundance of metal, plastic, and glass elements create a sense that modern solutions are already fully ingrained in our lives.

Kitchen furniture in high-tech style is not only made in the latest fashion, but also includes a variety of modern appliances that can significantly simplify the life of any housewife.

The use of Gothic style in design is typical for reserved people with a sense of space. This style is characterized by large Windows, multicolored stained glass, and constantly emphasized verticality for all design elements.

Black, brown, and gray colors are predominant in the overall interior design. A minimal amount of decoration is used, usually with sharp elements that can emphasize the features of such an interior solution.

The design of the country-style kitchen is based on simple rustic motifs that captivate with their simplicity and comfortable use. This style is characterized by the predominance of pastel colors in the interior, which creates a sense of warmth and harmony.

As a decor, various figures, paintings, and statuettes are used. The kitchen, made in country style, has a comfortable pastime for all the inhabitants of the house.

Examples of kitchen design at the exhibition
Before you start repairs, you need to decide on an interior solution. To do this, it is better to ask for help from experts and designers. Most industry events are aimed at presenting products by manufacturers.

The Expocentre exhibition complex will host the Mebel exhibition, where leading manufacturers will show their latest developments.

Modern models of kitchens in various styles will be presented by manufacturers of domestic and foreign markets.

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