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Features of supply logistics for the furniture business

Types of logistics:

transport logistics;







inventory logistics.
Challenges of modern logistics:

selecting the type and typification of vehicles;

create plans transportation routes with the use of manufacturing operations;

design of transport operations on various types of transport;

guarantee of continuity of transport and warehouse processes;

development of the most optimal delivery route.
Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of entrepreneurs seek to occupy a free niche of this business, because wholesale deliveries and transport services have a double benefit.

It should be noted that in terms of quality, proper storage conditions, and hygiene standards, furniture products require special attention.

In addition to collecting the necessary documentation suppliers should follow these rules:

Selecting a wholesale base or warehouse where a wholesale center is available. This makes it possible to attract ready-made customers to your point who often visit these places, so spending on the marketing and advertising part will be minimal.

Competitor market analysis. This stage is extremely important, because without it, the delivery of your niche assortment may be erroneous, and, subsequently, cargo transportation will be in question.

Logistics in the furniture business. Net profit depends on the correct placement of product units in the warehouse and the movement of transport.

If the transport and furniture warehouse is located in a large wholesale market, the assortment selection is selected based on customer demand.
However, if there are not enough main clients, a serious search begins for them.

Logistics programs are being modernized, and consequently the growth of the company itself is rising.

Note that organizing the sale of furniture business and household items is a very troublesome task. Therefore, the task of most logistics services and marketing departments is to control product sales, collect information about competing firms, conduct focus groups and research on what models of furniture are in demand.

Based on the research conducted, companies organize additional logistics courses and, as a rule, expand storage facilities for furniture. After all, directly in the warehouse there is a unloading of goods, control over it, configuration and storage, as well as if necessary, transport companies organize large-scale transportation to another destination.

Therefore, we note that any commercial organization for such purposes will need a spacious warehouse that can meet all the necessary requirements for storing furniture sets and headsets.

But if a small or medium-sized business can’t afford to rent a specialized warehouse, then it’s worth renting a container warehouse. These types of warehouses are sealed, connected to an energy source, which allows you to install climate control systems inside.

Also, the warehouses are equipped with a ventilation system and are very convenient to use. With the right balance of power, a real big profit can be made in the first month of deliveries.

Due to many circumstances, the Expocentre Central exhibition complex is considered the most preferred venue for exhibition events, where innovative techniques and technologies in the field of furniture manufacturing are most successfully promoted and sold.

Significance and features of logistics for the furniture business at the exhibition
The Central exhibition complex “Expocentre” is one of the most large-scale exhibition centers on the territory of the Russian Federation. It occupies an important place in the corresponding segment not only in the former Soviet Union and the CIS, but also in the Eastern European arena.

The Expocentre exhibition complex was founded in the middle of the last century and since then has not lost its position, holding more and more thematic displays, forums, fairs, congresses and symposiums from year to year.

Exhibitions organized with the support of Expocentre are aimed at improving and developing the most diverse levels of the modern furniture industry.

One of these landmark events held by Expocentre is considered to be the Mebel show. The review is organized annually with the assistance of the Ministry of national economy of the Russian Federation, under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and industry and the Moscow city administration.

This exhibition is widely aimed at maximum promotion of domestic production and foreign furniture companies.

The business plan of the exhibition consists of demonstrations of such salons of the exhibition:

the furniture in classic style;

furniture in a modern style;

casual for home and kitchen;

specialized for various businesses and offices;

interior and furniture design;

accessories and accessories;

upholstery and home textiles;

glass ceramics in the interior;

the lighting in the interior;

salon of carpets and carpets;

mattresses and fillers for them;

individual decor elements;

transport logistics and furniture delivery.
Thus, we can conclude that the exhibition plays a huge role for the furniture industry segment.

The exhibition also demonstrates modern technologies and equipment for the logistics of the furniture business.

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