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Furniture industry

Companies in the furniture industry are engaged in manufacturing Cabinet and upholstered furniture, as well as related products, which include blinds, mattresses, various fasteners, and more.

The furniture industry includes the following processes: marking, cutting, bending, pressing, layering, drilling, processing and shaping of various materials. This can be wood, metal, plastic, or glass.

The furniture industry consists not only of cutting and shaping wood, bending metal, stamping and molding plastic.

Furniture design and fashion trends play a very important role in the manufacture of furniture. Creating an aesthetic and functional interior item is also part of the production process. Furniture design can be developed by employees of the company itself or by design artists.

Furniture can be made from a variety of materials, but most often used wood, chipboard, MDF and metal. Most companies in this industry specialize in creating products from a single type of material. The machines that are needed for making furniture made of wood are radically different from the equipment for making furniture made of metal.

There is also such furniture in which two types of material are combined. For example, a wooden table may have iron legs, and some parts of the chair may have inserts made of fabric or plastic.

In this regard, in some classification systems, it is quite common to divide furniture products according to their type (for whom they are made), rather than the material used. Here, for example, upholstered sofa refers to home furniture. Although it is often used in living rooms and office spaces.

The furniture industry is able to produce products in large quantities or on an individual order. It can be transported both assembled and disassembled.

Some of the processes in this industry are similar to the production stages in other segments. For example, Assembly and shearing are the production processes of wooden farms in the woodworking industry. Methods of production of metal furniture can also be used in the manufacture of other products from this material.

The furniture industry does not include those companies that manufacture equipment for transport, as well as hospital and laboratory furniture. These features are due to the fact that some stages of such production processes, especially design, are combined with other industrial goods.

Furniture industry in Russia
The furniture industry in Russia has a freer character of placement and is very closely related to consumers. Enterprises of this industry are represented in all economic regions of the country.

Historically, most of this production is developed in European regions of Russia, where there is little forest. This was due to the fact that most of the furniture consumers were concentrated here. This was also helped by the change in the raw material base itself: more chipboards were used, as well as polymer materials with better decorative and artistic characteristics.

The Central, North-Western and North-Caucasian regions remain the most advanced at the present time. They account for almost half of the total output of furniture products.

Other regions of the country, despite a fairly high level of scientific and technical base, as well as a sufficient number of labor resources, are not able to provide consumers with furniture products on their own. In this regard, they are forced to buy it from other areas or from abroad.

Hazards and risks in the furniture industry
Each cutting process produces a lot of chips and dust. They are quite capable of causing a fire or even an explosion.

In modern equipment, they are compacted and fall in chunks. Defective components and equipment overheating can cause a spark or smoldering particles. And they in turn get through transport ways to bunkers or silos.

Dangerous areas in the furniture industry:

grinding machine, etc.
At the Mebel exhibition, which will be held at Expocentre Fairgrounds, you will be able to learn more about all the trends in the development of the furniture industry in different countries, innovative technologies and development prospects.

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