Modern equipment for the production of upholstered furniture
Modern high-precision equipment for the production of upholstered furniture is the key to the success of any company working in this field. And it is not so important whether it…

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The care of furniture.
The period during which the furniture retains its beauty and serviceability depends significantly on the conditions of its operation. Contraindications It is necessary to avoid direct exposure to heat sources,…

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What materials are used for upholstered furniture?
Any upholstered furniture consists of the following main parts and materials used in its manufacture: frame; spring block; lining and cover fabric; flooring coating; soft element; the "trap" required for…

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Furniture accessories for cabinets

A wardrobe is one of the most common pieces of furniture found in modern interiors of various rooms. They can be found in the hallway, living room, children’s room and bedroom. The main purpose is to store a large number of things in a compact way.

According to their design features all wardrobes can be divided into two categories:

with swinging facades;

A separate category is sectional kitchen cabinets, which can perform several functions at the same time – storage of dishes and kitchen accessories, a decorative element and a work surface (in the case of floor tables).

Based on the specific configuration and purpose, the components for cabinets differ significantly.

Before considering the unique elements of hardware that are characteristic of each type of product, let’s define and list the common components of cabinets that will occur in each product:

mounting materials (nails or staples for fixing the back wall of fiberboard);

confirmations for connecting all structural elements to each other;

drawer guides. There are two modifications – roller (economy class) and telescopic. In the first case, these are two pairs of metal runners, each of which has plastic rollers, thanks to which the drawer is pulled out. The second option is a fully assembled metal structure that consists of two or three segments, and their extension is due to ball bearings inside each pair of skids;

legs. They are the support of any Cabinet and must withstand heavy loads. Depending on the type and design of the product, the number of legs can be from four to 10-12 pieces.
The specified furniture accessories for cabinets can be used in any of their configurations.

Wardrobe traditional wardrobe
Such furniture as a traditional wardrobe has a characteristic feature-the presence of a certain number of swing doors. Inside the case, there can be any layout – shelves, bars for outerwear and drawers.

Furniture accessories for the Cabinet in the classic looks something like this:

door handles. They are necessary for comfortable and quick opening of Cabinet doors. They can be made of different materials – natural wood, MDF, polymers, metal. A characteristic difference is the classic style (wood colors, the presence of gilding or silvering, smooth streamlined shapes);

internal loops. An element of hardware that serves for the mobile connection of the facades (doors) of the Cabinet with its body. Depending on the material of the doors and their actual size, the number of hinges can vary from two to four.
The main advantage of wardrobes is the special design of the doors-they are located on special runners, which allows them to move freely along the body, opening different internal sections. Furniture accessories for wardrobes is a single complex, which is called a sliding system.

Main elements of the kit:

the lower rail. There are doors on it;

upper guide. It plays the role of an additional retainer for facades;

furniture fittings for Cabinet doors. In most cases, this is an aluminum profile that frames the facade canvas, the upper rollers and the lower wheel with the ability to adjust the level.
Furniture accessories for wardrobes are the main component of the design, which is responsible for the correct and smooth movement of doors. The service life of the Cabinet itself depends on the quality of the sliding system.

Furniture accessories for other types of cabinets
In addition to wardrobes, there are several non-standard varieties, each of which may have a unique hardware:

office cases and display cases. Very often in such cabinets, transparent glass is used as facades, thanks to which you can easily see the inner contents of the pencil case. For such doors, a Cabinet lock is often used – a special piece of hardware that consists of two parts (a module with a lock and a latch bar);

floor and hinged kitchen cabinets. These are elements of a modular set that are designed to store various kitchen utensils and utensils. Some designs are equipped with special Seating for embedded appliances. Furniture accessories for kitchen cabinets can include several unique elements-drawer closers, pneumatic and gas lifts of facades, as well as various complex mechanisms for quick and comfortable opening of Cabinet doors;

wardrobe with a bed. This is an original design that combines storage space and a full-fledged folding bed, which when folded takes a vertical position and is stored in one of the compartments of the Cabinet. Furniture accessories wardrobe-bed – a variety of lifting mechanisms and clamps that allow not only easy to spread out the bed, but also to keep it in an upright position.
The availability of specific accessories directly depends on the type of Cabinet, its purpose and configuration.

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