Mandatory set of equipment for furniture production
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Furniture industry
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How to choose furniture for a hotel?
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Manufacturer of film facades from MDF

MDF panels in PVC film are produced using innovative technologies.

Production is carried out on the basis of wood-fiber Board, which has an average density.

According to their characteristics, these panels have many qualities close to natural wood, but they have great strength and durability. Such facades do not have negative effects on human health, they do not emit toxic substances.

PVC films for furniture have high resistance to chemical and thermal effects. The film also protects the MDF panel from scratches, cracks, thanks to it, the furniture does not lose its original color.

After applying the film, the facade is not affected by moisture, and thanks to a wide range of textures and colors, these materials are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Furniture facades made of MDF in PVC film are an ideal economical solution that can imitate different types of panels.

Now there are MDF facades: painted, matte, glossy, mother-of-pearl, with a metallic luster, imitating natural materials (wood, marble, stone, leather, etc.).

It is worth noting that the film can be varnished and patinated.

Advantages of MDF furniture facades in PVC film
MDF panels covered with PVC film have the following advantages:

are safe to use;

they have a high environmental friendliness of the material;

they are not affected by temperature fluctuations and atmospheric influences;

a wide range of colors and textures;


practical care;

possibility of custom production of any colors, sizes and textures;

they have excellent strength and reliability;

they have a long service life.
However, the main advantage of facades covered with film is their cost. Furniture in PVC film has a low price compared to other types of finishes.

It is worth noting that, despite the type of film, you can get a high-quality and durable product as a result.

Thus, film facades have a lot of advantages, which makes them widely popular among buyers.

Features of PVC film for furniture facades
PVC film is a polymer material used for facing flat or raised surfaces. It is made on the basis of polyvinyl chloride, the form of release – in rolls. The scope of application is large: facing facades, baseboards, doors, finishing MDF boards.

The material is easy to use, stretches well and adheres to the surface. The film is presented in a wide range of colors. Polyvinyl chloride can be plain or have a printed pattern. This film can be made to order, taking into account your own desires and taste preferences.

The material is not affected by external factors, that is, it will not fade in the sun, and will not peel off when the temperature changes.

Chemical exposure is also not dangerous for PVC film. If the surface gets dirty, you can easily wash it with any tool designed for this purpose, which makes it a good option for the kitchen.

Use of PVC film for furniture facades
If you are tired of monotonous furniture facades, this problem can be solved with PVC film. It can also be glued to household appliances.

For example, a refrigerator or stove can become any color and add new colors to the interior. The price is affordable, besides the film in the store can be cut as much as you need to work.

PVC film for furniture facades can be glossy, matte or smooth.

Also found embossed, for finishing mouldings, furniture facades and any other surfaces.

PVC film for furniture facades has long been popular in the domestic market.

Furniture facades made of MDF and PVC film at the exhibition
In order to get more information about household items, accessories, facades, materials and fabrics, you need to visit the exhibition “Furniture”.

This event is held annually at Expocentre Fairgrounds on Krasnaya Presnya. The exhibition is a Central event in the entire industry.

The event is held every year and attracts more and more exhibitors from all over the world. This event will introduce visitors to the innovative achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The theme is quite diverse:

Furniture from classic to modern;

Cabinet and upholstered furniture;

Upholstery material;

Decor and accessories.

The good location of Expocentre has a good effect on the exhibition attendance, and the proximity to the business district contributes to the conclusion of profitable deals and the acquisition of new customers.

The exhibition complex has all the necessary conditions for the effective implementation of this project. The CVC hosts hundreds of exhibitions each year, which have different scales and themes.

Expocentre is attentive to its exhibitors, offering an individual approach to the presentation of stands.

Expocentre easily implements not only a guest salon, but also its own salon. Qualified staff will provide a comprehensive service for all participants of events held within the walls of the CVC.

Demonstration of production of MDF furniture facades at the exhibition
Companies whose main activity is the production of furniture facades made of MDF successfully exhibit their products at specialized exhibitions dedicated to the furniture industry.

In General, the success of exhibition activities depends on the quality of preparation for the event.

Planning of exhibition activities begins a year before the event itself. this allows you to rent a profitable place in the exhibition center and prepare the stand itself without haste, develop product promotion plans, advertising concept and other important elements at the exhibition.

No less important is the pre-exhibition work, which allows you to attract the attention of potential consumers to the stand and products even before the exhibition event.

The so-called three-letter method allows you to inform potential customers three times about the exhibition, as well as about the main important points that may interest the representative audience at the manufacturer’s stand, whether it is new models from the modern production of furniture facades made of MDF, color or stylistic solutions, etc.

As practice shows, representatives of companies that visit the exhibition in order to find a supplier and / or enter into a contract are present at the event for 1-2 days. This period is the most “hot”, that is, productive for the stand. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that potential customers visit the stand at this time.

Even if the exhibition center will receive visitors for a week, after the first two days, the exhibition is visited by an engineering team, whose purpose is to get acquainted with the market situation, collect prices, catalogs, but such visitors do not have the right to sign and even conduct pre-contractual work.

To sign a contract directly at the stand, you must invite the management of the buyer company to the stand. This will need to be done in 3 stages, which will allow busy people to include the trip in the work plan in advance and not forget about it.

The first letter must be sent 3 months before the start of the exhibition. By this time, the Exhibitor has already rented space and approved the concept of the stand, and therefore it is possible to interest the target consumer in all the advantages of cooperation. As a rule, such a letter is sent to the procurement Department for review in accordance with the internal document flow.

A month before the event, it is necessary to remind the potential buyer of the exhibition and remind them of the prospects for joint cooperation, invite them to the presentation of a new product, etc.

The third reminder is held 2 weeks before the exhibition – this is enough time to order tickets and issue travel documents if the exhibition is held in another city. It also makes sense to send an invitation to the exhibition, if necessary. Often, visiting exhibitions is paid, so sending free invitations will not only ensure negotiations at the stand, but also find out the names and positions of people who will come to these negotiations. This allows you not only to hold preliminary negotiations over the phone, but also to know in advance the needs of a potential client and even before the exhibition to prepare an attractive offer for him regarding the production of furniture facades made of MDF.
In addition to pre-exhibition work and stand preparation, the Exhibitor company must prepare a team to work on the stand. This can be either employees of the manufacturer who have received special training, or hired specialists who can be hired in special companies that specialize in providing such personnel.

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