Manufacturer of film facades from MDF
MDF panels in PVC film are produced using innovative technologies. Production is carried out on the basis of wood-fiber Board, which has an average density. According to their characteristics, these…

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Furniture industry
Companies in the furniture industry are engaged in manufacturing Cabinet and upholstered furniture, as well as related products, which include blinds, mattresses, various fasteners, and more. The furniture industry includes…

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Features of supply logistics for the furniture business
Types of logistics: transport logistics; procurement; administrative; marketable warehouse; complex; informational; inventory logistics. Challenges of modern logistics: selecting the type and typification of vehicles; create plans transportation routes with the…

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Types of furniture accessories

Mounting accessories-rollers, hinges, shelf holders;

Individual parts of products – legs, handles, supports, pipes;

Functional details (baskets, hooks, hangers, baseboards).
For each piece of furniture, different types of accessories are used. For example, supports, fillers, spring blocks, and fixing elements are used for sofas. All types of furniture accessories wholesale must be reliable and durable and have a long service life.

Modern hardware elements are widely used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets and sets. This includes pivoting canopies, legs, exit structures, and boxes. Thanks to these details, the furniture becomes practical in use.

Household items that have a transforming structure have become popular. The use of these mechanisms ensures a simple and efficient use of the useful space of the room.

As fasteners, metal products are used, which give the furniture additional reliability and strength. All mechanisms are made of steel or wood materials.

Steel fittings have such properties as durability, reliability and strength. It has a stylish and attractive appearance. Steel elements are practical to use. But this type of hardware requires careful care.

Wooden furniture fittings have the qualities of strength and long service life. The basic advantage of such designs is the naturalness of the material, the details have an aesthetic appearance, so they are suitable for finishing furniture of any style. An important feature of this type of hardware is quick replacement in case of damage.

Thus, furniture accessories can have a large number of types that depend on the purpose of use, the material of production and the decor of the room.

Furniture and furniture accessories wholesale from manufacturers at the exhibition
In order to learn more about the types of furniture accessories or order furniture accessories wholesale, to see new furniture compositions, you must visit the exhibition “Furniture”. This event will be the main event in the furniture industry.

The exhibition will be held at Expocentre Fairgrounds on Krasnaya Presnya. The complex has many halls and pavilions that are equipped with modern technologies.

About a hundred events are performed annually at the exhibition center. All of them are different both in subject matter and in size.

Foreign specialists come here to demonstrate advanced developments and achievements in various industries. “Expocentre” on their sites conducts as a guest of the event and the projects.

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