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Furniture industry
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Examples of furniture accessories for commercial equipment

Commercial equipment, which includes glass Windows and counters, racks, storage cabinets, reception, cash registers, various island structures, is also Cabinet furniture. The only difference is that furniture trading equipment has its own specialization-it is furniture for trade. But the closets and kitchen are furniture for the home.

Furniture accessories for commercial equipment play a very important role in contrast to home Cabinet furniture. This is due to the fact that commercial equipment is used much more often and more intensively.

For example, the number of opening and closing cycles in such furniture is tens or even hundreds of times more than in household products.

Based on the operational characteristics, such accessories are subject to much higher requirements regarding their reliability and quality. To a greater extent, this applies to single-piece storefronts of a commercial type.

The glass is connected to each other by special accessories of miniature sizes. Such accessories must be of perfect quality, so they include a special chrome-galvanic coating and the accuracy of each part. Otherwise, it threatens to quickly break the shop window and the glass itself.

Do not forget that furniture hinges for this type of equipment must be of high quality and designed for a greater number of openings.

Retail storefronts are the main advertising tool at a retail location. Their main goal is to present products in the most visual way possible. The main properties of a glass display case are transparency and security.

In order to prevent damage to visitors to the store or shopping complex, they must have high reliability. And to a greater extent it depends on the hardware used. Only high-quality hinges can guarantee safe and long-lasting operation of this commercial equipment.

One of the main factors that determine quality is furniture accessories for commercial equipment. After all, its reliability and durability directly affects the service life of furniture, which due to its specific use is constantly exposed to quite large operational loads.

Furniture accessories for commercial equipment include handles, hinges, Cabinet filling, modular systems, various steel tubes, and adjustable supports.

Most often, various hooks, hangers for stands, and shelf mounts are used. Each of these elements can make the retail space more functional and comfortable to use.

In addition to all this, the appearance of such commercial furniture equipment plays a significant role. After all, a trade organization will not be perceived as successful if it is equipped with low-quality, unattractive and cheap, as far as appearance is concerned, fasteners and various guides.

Custom furniture fittings
Manufacturing and selling custom furniture accessories is the best solution if you want to sell original or special design products. But here the cost of such products also plays an important role.

The price of furniture accessories depends on the material from which it is made, as well as the production technology itself. The size of wholesale lots is also important when making purchases.

Furniture accessories for commercial equipment at the exhibition
A huge selection of modern, high-quality and reliable furniture accessories for commercial equipment can be seen and purchased at the international exhibition “Furniture”. There will be presented accessories and various components for furniture in a huge range and name.

If you need really high-quality furniture accessories that have a long service life, the exhibition “Furniture” will help you with this. Here you can not only get acquainted with various types of these devices, but also sign mutually beneficial contracts with leading Russian and European companies.

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