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New furniture technologies from the West

Sadly, the legislators of modern furniture trends are not Russia, but Europe. But even there, there are undisputed leaders who have managed to improve the process and turn the craft into an art.

Among those who are the first to try out successful new furniture technologies and improve the technical base are Italy and Germany.

It is their high-precision computerized machines that are considered the standard of the technical base of any furniture factory. They are not cheap, but they pay off with a vengeance.

In particular, we are talking about the latest edge-processing machines that use laser technology. Thanks to it, the insulating edge is firmly glued to the chipboard section and provides the product with maximum durability and wear resistance.

In addition, there are advanced cutting systems that use cutting with a diamond tool. As well as modern saws with adjustable angle of inclination and the possibility of economical cutting of sheet material.

All this has been used in the West for a decade, but in Russia, such machines began to appear relatively recently. Why?

The fact is that for our manufacturers, the cost of highly profitable equipment and components to it was unaffordable. For example, a laser machine requires a special type of edge made of high-quality materials, which are quite expensive for us. The same can be said about laser cutting. Buy a replacement knife for the unit in Russia is very problematic.

At the same time, domestic analogues often fail and, due to their structure, lead to less qualitative results. Thus, Russian furniture manufacturers have to buy foreign equipment in order to use new furniture technologies and compete with European furniture imported to our country.

New materials for furniture technologies
Special attention should be paid to the production of materials for new furniture. Here technical progress has stepped quite far.

Instead of expensive and rather capricious furniture leather, modern furniture factories are increasingly willing to use eco-leather. The number of use cycles that characterize the level of wear resistance of this material is up to 500 thousand. This is more than enough to make a sofa or chair serve you faithfully for decades.

The same can be said about replacing once exclusively wooden parts with more profitable chipboard and MDF. These materials are not inferior in strength and durability to wood, at the same time they have a wider range of textures and colors. And thanks to the variety of coatings, they can easily imitate not only natural veneer or solid wood, but also stone and even metal.

Even furniture fabrics have become more perfect in terms of price and quality. And forged elements replaced aluminum structures that made the product easier and more affordable.
Paradoxically, in order to quickly age furniture, it is also necessary to use the latest achievements of science and technology. Modern fashion trends that have made popular styles such as vintage, Provence, country and ethnic require manufacturers to use tools and compositions that can quickly ” age ” wood and metal, without violating the structure of the material itself.

Here all new furniture technologies are used: machines that can imitate rough grinding or asymmetric wood drawing, chemical compositions and varnishes that patinate the surface, giving it the effect of crackle or fading. Especially popular are visually aged floral motifs that repeat the effect of decoupage technology, combined with the whiteness characteristic of Provence.

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