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Key advantages of metal furniture

High strength. Furniture made of wood or plastic is not able to withstand heavy mechanical loads. Therefore, household items made of metal will last much longer in stores, schools, kindergartens, gyms, etc. Metal products do not corrode and do not have a predisposition to spontaneous combustion.

Long service life. The period of use of metal furniture items is several times longer than the period of use of wood products, and even more so of plastic. Metal furniture can be easily repaired. If there are cracks or scratches, then all these defects can be easily corrected with the help of painting.

Ecological safety. Metal products are not processed by special chemical means during production, unlike plastic or chipboard furniture.

Practical application. Metal household items can be cleaned and washed many times, this will not affect the quality of the material. Dust and dirt can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth or sponge, without harming the product.

Aesthetic appearance. Metal products are resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress. This furniture is not as easy to break as plastic or wood furniture. If any defect occurs, the furniture can simply be repainted in any color cast. This feature allows you to use household items made of metal in any interior.

Wide scope of application. Metal furniture can be installed in offices, various educational institutions, shops, fitness centers, etc. in most cases, metal furniture is mounted in office spaces: different types of lockers, safes, tables, and many other items. In offices, such furniture is necessary for storing documents and papers. It can also have a positive effect on the design of the room, give a sense of a stable working atmosphere. In storage facilities, such products are used for the arrangement of a dressing room. Schools, kindergartens, gyms, and stores also can’t do without metal furniture. Lockers made of this material are placed in most schools and fitness clubs.
Thus, metal household items are now increasingly replacing products made of wood and plastic.

Metal furniture is durable, reliable, high-quality and affordable for everyone. With its help, you can design a room with any interior.

Metal furniture factories
In recent years, metal furniture factories have significantly increased their production volumes. This is because the use of metal furniture has become more extensive than it was before.

Metal furniture is considered practical, durable and does not give in to rapid wear, and the simplicity of the structures does not contribute to cluttering the space. That is why metal furniture factories produce different types of structures today, depending on the places where they are used.

Application of metal furniture from factories
Metal furniture has found application today:

into the office;

fitness centre;


for utility rooms;

in factories;

in the changing rooms of swimming pools and various organizations;

in school.
List of metal furniture factories
There are a lot of factories for the production of metal furniture in Russia today. Here are some of them:

“Moscow metal furniture factory”. A factory that offers a wide range of metal structures. All furniture is made on modern high-tech equipment.

The metal furniture factory offers the following types of products:
Safe deposit. They are used for the safety of securities and documentation that is available in any enterprise.

Wardrobes. Archive cabinets are used in enterprises for storing documents, where they are arranged and placed in places. Closets for changing rooms in organizations are necessary in places where it is meant to change the clothes of employees.

Racking. Today, this type of design is used in commercial enterprises, using them for product placement. The design is also in demand for use in storage and archive rooms.
This company guarantees the quality of the material, and all structures meet the requirements of fire and sanitary inspections. Moscow metal furniture factory also offers planning, measurement, delivery and Assembly services.
KMC plant is a young company that is developing very quickly and dynamically. The company is engaged in manufacturing of metal furniture of a wide profile. The young factory is equipped with new high-quality modern equipment, specializing in the production of metal furniture structures for office and garden, using polymer-powder coating of the surface, high-quality wood and other materials. Reasonable price and high quality – the business card of the company. The company produces metal cabinets for offices and metal benches for garden plots. The designs of the company’s production have been improved in accordance with consumer preferences. The company’s specialists have also carefully worked on the design of the structures so that they have a presentable and modern look.

The pax-metal company is one of the leading organizations in the market of metal furniture, where it has been successfully operating for 20 years. Employees of the organization know how to create reliable, durable and high-quality metal furniture. The company has a huge experience in the production of products, they are improved from year to year, keeping up with global trends in development. The company offers a wide range of products: convenient designs of cabinets for changing rooms, and fire-resistant safe boxes.

OOO “Kazan plant of metal furniture”. A company specializing in the production of laboratory and medical furniture made of metal. In addition, the company produces commercial and warehouse metal structures, ventilation systems. Kazan plant takes into account the customer’s wishes and according to the requirements of the order produces all kinds of metal structures and non-standard metal products.
Requirements for manufacturing metal furniture in factories
Metal furniture factories operate in many regions of Russia. But for all of them, the main characteristics that metal furniture has are the same. These characteristics include:

environmental friendliness of products-because they are not susceptible to processing harmful to the human body resins;

wear resistance-metal furniture can withstand loads regardless of environmental conditions;

ease of use-the design, due to the material is not whimsical in care and are not afraid of moisture.

durability of structures that are easy to repair. Metal furniture is not difficult to repaint, if necessary, if there are chips and scratches.
All the advantages of metal furniture can be found this fall at the international exhibition “Furniture”, which will be held in the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

A large number of metal furniture factories will present their activities at the exhibition in November. It will be possible to ask questions and discuss prospects for further cooperation during the exhibition event.

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