Modern production of metal furniture
Today, the production of metal furniture is very popular. A practical solution for offices, clinics, and gyms. For many, the most important thing is comfort. Metal furniture is not only…

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The history of the technology of production of furniture Board
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Modern production of metal furniture

Today, the production of metal furniture is very popular. A practical solution for offices, clinics, and gyms.

For many, the most important thing is comfort. Metal furniture is not only comfortable, it is very ergonomic, made of durable material, it is not afraid of the influence of external factors. A great option for rooms with a large number of people, who in turn are constantly in contact with the furniture.

Examples of modern production of metal furniture
Modern furniture production has done its best. The range is so extensive that it can take the most demanding customer by surprise.

Unique design, original furniture, compliance with the highest characteristics, strength, availability-you can describe modern furniture for an infinite time.

Metal furniture can be:

Locker rooms;

Fireproof safes;

Case for clothes;

Cabinets-key rings;

Archive cabinets.
Metal safes are indispensable for storing securities. They are equipped with a double housing and are filled with a refractory material. Metal furniture is made of sheet steel.

The minimum number of accessories, practicality, attractive design will not distract employees and cause them discomfort during work.

Products of this plan are made in a minimalist style, so they are suitable for any interior. This entourage is functional, does not take up much space and will last for a long time.

Does not require additional effort when cleaning and cleaning. And most importantly-the size: such furniture is oversized and mobile. That is why the production of metal furniture is in great demand.

Technologies production of metal furniture at the exhibition
To get acquainted with the latest furniture products, it is recommended to visit the exhibition “Furniture”, which will be held in November at the Expocentre. The exhibition will feature a wide range of luxury and economy class furniture.

Leading global and domestic brands will present innovations and engineering achievements in their production segment. The exhibition is known not only in Russia, but also abroad. This exhibition will showcase modern developments and achievements in the furniture industry.

Theme of the exhibition “Furniture»:

Office and specialty furniture;

Mattresses and fillers;

Upholstery and accessories;

Upholstered and Cabinet furniture.
The greatest interest is caused by Cabinet and upholstered furniture of economy class, such stands are collected by a large number of people. Entrance to the exhibition is by prior registration.

The role of the organizer of the current exhibition fell to Expocentre. It is the oldest and one of the largest participants of exhibition events in Russia.

Expocentre consists of 9 insert pavilions and many halls where conferences, seminars, and business meetings can take place.

The exhibition center is adjacent to the Moscow city business district and government buildings. This contributes to the acquisition of new partners and investors. A good location is good for traffic.

The complex has many halls and pavilions that are equipped with modern technologies. Various events are often organized within the walls of the center.

The exhibition complex has extensive experience in conducting both domestic and international events.

Qualified specialists of the center will provide a full range of services related to the organization, insurance, check-in, transfer and others.

Also, in order to learn more about modern examples of metal furniture, you must visit this exhibition.

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