New furniture technologies from the West
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Types of furniture accessories
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How to choose the right kitchen?
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The history of the technology of production of furniture Board

Furniture boards are used for making furniture from them, various building elements, as a decor. This is an environmentally safe and aesthetically attractive material, compared to its analog chipboard. The furniture shield has been used for a long time.

The technology of furniture panel production has not changed in the last hundred years. In the non-canonical version, the wood bars were compressed using a metal clamp. At the present time, this function is performed by the press. Mass use of this product began in the 70s of the last century.

Today, among the glued wood materials in the construction and furniture industry, cheaper analogues of the furniture Board have appeared.

In this regard, the scope of its application is quite narrowly focused:

this is a hypoallergenic natural material, so it is environmentally friendly;

when properly processed, it looks aesthetically pleasing and refined;

furniture shield is a fairly practical material.
The advantages of the technology of production of furniture Board
Glued furniture Board has significant features in comparison with other construction materials used in the production of furniture:

Long service life.

Furniture from the shield is maintainable. This is due to the uniformity of the wood structure. Even a damaged piece of furniture can be easily restored, after which it will regain its original appearance.

The tree belongs to hygroscopic materials that regulate the humidity of the air in the room.

Furniture made of such a shield can adsorb harmful substances.

The use of new bonding technologies allows you to preserve the natural texture of the wood surface.

The furniture Board does not come unstuck during its operation and has minimal shrinkage.

The environmental friendliness of this material allows you to use it for interior decoration, as well as for the manufacture of furniture.

You can get a furniture Board of any size (length, width, and thickness).
Due to numerous advantages, the furniture shield is very popular not only in Russia, but also in the world market. As a raw material for obtaining this material, edged lumber is used.

Stages of production of furniture Board
At any production of the glued Board, drying equipment must necessarily be present. Only in this version you can be 100 percent sure that the wood is securely and firmly glued.

The production technology of the furniture panel allows you to get different types of this material, depending on the area in which it will be used.

There are two types: single-layer and multi-layer. The first type is also called a massive or simple furniture shield. Its thickness ranges from 14 to 60 millimeters. It is made of wood slats, beams or boards, about 18 mm wide, which are glued together in a single layer parallel to the direction of the wood fibers.

A multi-layer shield consists of two front sides and an odd number of inner layers. All layers are stacked symmetrically in thickness. It determines the positive properties of this type of material. The thickness of the multi-layer shield can reach 75 millimeters.

Main stages of furniture panel production technology:

Drying of workpieces.

Pre-facing of the product.

Opening of defects and cutting of the received blank according to its width.

Cutting out defective areas.

Splicing of the product along the length and obtaining lamellas.

The calibration of the slats.

Adhesive application.

Bonding of the shield.

Calibration and grinding.

Trim the shield based on the specified format.

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