Historical styles in interior design
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How to choose the right kitchen?

The kitchen is traditionally the most important space in the house. In our kitchen, we are used not only to eat, but also to chat with friends, raise children, arrange “family councils” and spontaneous gatherings. Kitchen-the epicenter of family life and at the same time “women’s office”, so it is important that it was not just beautiful, but also as convenient as possible. After all, even in a 6-meter kitchen, you can organize your space so that you can, if not dance, then at least not jostle at the dining table. However, to do this, you need to be able to choose a kitchen set – which is not so easy with the current variety of offers.

The ideal approach to choosing a kitchen is when you start building it from scratch. That is, not having in your Luggage an old, but “still good” refrigerator, washing machine or grandfather’s favorite oak table. Because in a modern kitchen, everything should be in the same style: starting with stools and ending with shelves for spices. In addition, it is almost impossible to integrate separately purchased appliances into the kitchen set. Therefore, it is very convenient to buy a kitchen and all the accessories for it in one salon, where you will find not only the set itself, but also the dishes that you put in it, and a chandelier, and where you can always buy a couple of cabinets if you change the apartment (which is not always provided by sellers of imported furniture).

Modern kitchen is, first of all, convenience and comfort. This is greatly facilitated by built-in appliances, numerous racks with revolving shelves (the most fashionable “squeak” of recent years), crossbars (hanging tubes running around the perimeter of the kitchen, on which you can hang anything – from cabinets to jars of spices) and furniture on wheels. In a good kitchen set, every inch of space is used: for example, a narrow pull-out Cabinet for ladles and glasses can be placed between the corner Cabinet and the oven. And necessarily in the most “working” places will be built-in lighting-over the sink, over the stove, over the cutting table top…

To specify your wishes when choosing a kitchen, try to answer our questions for yourself and take into account the factors listed below:

• how many people use the kitchen? Do You need more space if two or three people are cooking, cleaning, or playing in the kitchen at the same time?

• how often, when, and how many people eat in the kitchen? (Do you only eat Breakfast, have a light snack, or cook daily?). What is necessary for this? (Dining table, folding table, stand with chairs. Window to the dining room).

• what events are happening in Your kitchen? (Taking food. Laundry. Recreation, watching TV, listening to music, reading, cooking Hobbies. Homework. Conversations.)

• what color scheme should Your kitchen be in? The choice of color scheme depends on the lighting of the kitchen and personal preferences. Some people are comforted by cold colors, while others like warm or bright colors, such as red.

Use of space:
• are you satisfied with the size of the kitchen? How can I increase it?
• can I move the wall between the kitchen and the living room?
• is it possible to equip a kitchen in a large room?
What type of work surface area do You need? Consider the height of the work surface. It depends on the size of household appliances. What appliances do You use or plan to use?
• you need information about the overall dimensions of household devices,
• can it be built into kitchen furniture?
• is there a need for additional lighting in the kitchen?
How many products do you traditionally store in the kitchen? How many cabinets for storage of bulk products, vegetables, canned food should be provided. Think about how to organize Your workplace: in what order It is more convenient for you to place the sink, cutting table, stove, refrigerator. Whether it is necessary to provide a place for feeding a pet.
When ordering kitchen furniture, be sure to draw a diagram of Your kitchen space with the exact dimensions and taking into account window and door openings, non-standard corners and protrusions. Take into account the placement of ventilation channels, electrical outlets, water supply and sewer drain.

And it is better to call a specialist to measure Your room.

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